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Holland Lake in Montana

Holland Lake


Holland Lake is a popular destination in western Montana because of its water, the day hike to Holland Falls, and the campground. It’s a lake I have visited many times. Only 1 hr. 20 min. from Missoula, and nearly the same from Kalispell, it’s an easy day trip for families, couples, or those seeking solitude. From Seeley Lake it’s 20 miles northwest on Montana Highway 83 (between mile markers 36 and 37),  then 2.9 miles down Holland Lake Road to Larch Loop Campground, then another ¾ of a mile to the Bay Look Compound turn-in, which is where the trail to Holland Falls starts. Holland Lake is at 4,100 feet and lies on the western edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, and the trailhead here is one of the most popular for entering the Wilderness Area.

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Canoeing the Upper Missouri River

Paddling canoes from Coal Banks Landing to Kipp National Recreation Area in Montana in June 2016 with friends from Montana, Minnesota, and Vancouver. Testing out Merrimack canoes, Sanborn paddles, and lots of other fun gear.

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